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TVs and DVDs with Saier and German Pastors' Donations

11 February 2008 New TV & DVD
Three of our boarding homes had very old television sets and no DVD players. Students and children were unable to watch interesting programs in their Families (boarding homes) namely Families 2, 5, and 7. With the very kind grant from Mrs. Luise Saier €600 and that from the thirty German pastors who visited our school on 5 February €200 we were able to buy three 29" Sony television sets and four Sony DVD players and thus meet all the needs of our boarding department in this respect. The students and children were delighted as they finally can watch nice programs on modern television sets, especially that they are able to watch DVDs now. We express our most sincere gratitude to Mrs. Luise Saier and the delegation of thirty German pastors from Bavaria who provided us with the funds to buy this badly needed equipment for our boarding department. 
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