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Newly Formed Alumni Association in JLSS Alumni Association

Members of the newly formed association for Schneller alumni in Lebanon visited JLSS on Wednesday 11 May 2011 at 6.00 PM. They had a meeting with the director in which they presented him with a copy of the association's bylaws and expressed their intentions to support Schneller School in every way possible.
The director congratulated them and thanked them for their visit. He assured them that JLSS will support their efforts. In accordance with the Schneller Board decision the school will fully cooperate with alumni making all its resources and facilities available for all activities that will support the work of JLSS.
The association in its 7th of May 2011 meeting elected Dr. Najem Haddad Chairman, Mr. Tarek Sarhan Vice-chairman, Mr. Naja Nakhleh Secretary, Mr. Samir Hayek Treasurer, Mr. Mounir Simaan Accountant, and Mr. Ghassan Shehadeh Public Relations Officer. They also elected Mrs. Wadad Nakhleh, Mrs. Rima Haddad, Mr. Bassam Salhab, Mr. Jimmy Naim, and Mr. George al-Tin members of the founding committee.
The alumni association in Lebanon will hold a general assembly soon. All Schneller alumni in Lebanon are encouraged to attend the assembly. Those interested in further information can contact Mr. Ghassan Shehadeh.
We wish the newly formed alumni association in Lebanon and all its members every success. We look forward to excellent cooperation with alumni for the support and development of Schneller School and the fulfillment of its mission to underprivileged children. The alumni association in Lebanon is a chapter of the main alumni association: Schneller Alumni and Friends Association (SAFA).
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