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Office 365 Refresher Session

A refresher session for using Office 365 in teaching was held on Saturday 5 January 2019 from 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM. Office 365 Refresher Session
Attending were teachers of the Academic Department.
This session was a follow-up on the three-day Microsoft 365 Cloud-teaching Seminar which was held from 4 to 6 September 2018.
Mr. Imad Shmaitili of Information Technology Leading Services - ITLS arrived from Beirut Friday afternoon and stayed in JLSS overnight to be ready to offer the refresher session early on Saturday.
A survey was conducted by ITLS earlier, to asses the needs of our teachers after using Office 365 for the last four months, and receive their input on what they expected from the refresher session.
Mr. Shmaitili reviewed using OneNote, Class Notebook, Sway, Forms, and Teams, and helped our teachers to master various elements of these very valuable tools.
The morning session included a 30 minute coffee-break at 10:30 AM.
Lunch was served to all participants at 12:30 PM in Maria Schneller Hall.
The afternoon session was a time for summing up on the morning work, and the remaining time was used to address the needs of individual teachers.
It was a very fruitful day. Teachers were able to improve their skills and acquire new ones.
The challenges that individual teachers were facing were also dealt with.
JLSS teachers are now better equipped and more confident to continue the shift in their teaching methods to Office 365 and the technology of the 21st century.
We express our thanks to Mr. Imad Shmaitili for his wonderful work.
We look forward to the continued application of all the newly acquired skills in daily lessons to the benefit of JLSS students.

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