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Oliver and Heather Schneller in JLSS Oliver and Heather Schneller in JLSS

Mr. Oliver Schneller, the great grandson of the founder of Schneller schools, Rev. Johann Ludwig Schneller, along with his wife Heather visited our school from the 24th to the 25th of September 2009. They were both in Lebanon for music workshops and a piano concert organized by the Goethe Institute. Oliver is a composer and Heather is a concert pianist. It was a great honor to receive them, and they were delighted to see the wonderful results of the dedicated work of Johann Ludwig Schneller that continues to this day in JLSS. They visited the different departments and enjoyed walking around our wonderful campus. They stayed in one of our guestrooms, and the following day they were able to meet some of our trainers, teachers, and members of staff. It was really wonderful of both of them to take time out of their very busy schedule to come to our school and continue the Schneller family link to the present day. Oliver and Heather were very eager to learn about our school and its present challenges, and they both discussed how they can help in the future, especially through their field of expertise: music. They spent a long time with the director and his wife discussing possible future cooperation, starting with a piano concert in JLSS during their next visit. Heather was willing to give a piano concert this time, but because the school was still closed for the summer holiday it was decided to postpone it until the next visit.
We are very grateful to Oliver and Heather for their wonderful visit which was very clearly the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with our school. We were greatly honored to receive them. We were even more delighted when they related to our school with such loving emotions making it truly their home. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the graciousness, dedication, and loving-kindness of Father Johann Ludwig Schneller which is still very evident in his family to the present day.
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