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Parents' Committee Breakfast & Children Day Celebration Children Day 2009

Wednesday March 18 was a special day at JLSS. The Parents' Committee under its chairperson, Mrs. Clauda Saber Salloum, held its charity breakfast at 10.00 AM. Members sold tickets for the event in order to raise funds for supporting our school. Although it was a work-day the response was very encouraging. All the tickets were sold and many people came for that breakfast which was held in the JLSS main dining hall. It was a wonderful gathering in which parents, guests, teachers, and members of staff mingled, chatted and had a very good time together. The Parents' Children Day 2009Committee raised LBP 650,000 from that event. We thank Mrs. Clauda Saber Salloum and all the members of the Parents' Committee for their efforts in making that event a very successful one and for raising funds in support of our school.
This event was foChildren Day 2009llowed at 11.30 AM with a talk given by our school psychologist, Mrs. Sonia Zino, providing parents with advice on how to care for their children and deal with their problems, and how to make their homes an adequate environment for studying. The talk was followed with a time for questions. We thank Mrs. Sonia Zino for her wonderful advice to parents.
The final event was the program that was held in celebration of Children Day in Hermann Schneller Hall. As usual, the children excelled in music, singing, drama, and dance. We thank all the teachers and students who worked hard to prepare that wonderful program, and we especially thank our music teacher, Mr. Joseph Sleilati, for his wonderful work with our children.
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