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Pipe Organ Inauguration Concerts

The historic event of acquiring a pipe organ for JLSS was celebrated with two inauguration concerts. The first concert was held on the First Sunday in Advent on 3 December 2017, and the second was held on 7 January 2018, both at 5:00 PM.
Both concerts were kindly arranged and performed by the person behind this very important project organist Klaus Schulten. Klaus Schulten
Attending the first concert was Prof. Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin (lawyer and an honorary professor at the University of Berlin, member of the German parliament from 1972 till 2009, German Minister of Justice from 1998 till 2002, and member of the EVS Stiftung), Deputy Head of Mission of the German Embassy in Beirut Dr. Michael Reuss, Rev. Dr. Uwe Graebe from EVS/EMS, organ builder Gerhard Walcker, Head of the Municipal Council Mr. Toni Shdied with other dignitaries from Khirbet Qanafar, Rev. Dr. Habib Badr with members of the local Schneller board Ms. Leila Dagher, Mr. Richard Abd-el-Karim, and member of the NECB church council Dr. Sami Nasr, chairperson of the Alumni Association in Lebanon Mr. Ghassan Shehadah with members of the alumni executive committee, and many JLSS friends.

The program of the first concert was as follows:
Georg Böhm ca. 1700 Partita Ach wie nichtig, ach wie flüchtig...

Part I
Felix Mendelssohn 1820 Prelude d minor

Johannes Brahms 1896 choral preludes:
Herzlich tut mich verlangen
Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen
O Gott, du frommer Gott

Reading PSALM 24 Prof. Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin

يا رب كيف رح استقبلك  

Part II
Address: Rev. George D. Haddad
Hymn: Hark! The Herald angels Sing
مع ملاك الله جند 

Part III
Felix Mendelssohn 1837 Praeludium in G

César Franck 1890 6 pieces (G major, G minor) of the collection: "L'organiste")
1 Poco allegretto
2 Vieux Noël
3 Noël Angevin
4 Quasi lento
5 Noël Angevin (Allegro)
6 Allegretto vivo - Amen
Hymn: ADESTE FIDELES O come all ye faithful
هلم بنا معشر المؤمنين 

Georg Böhm ca. 1700 chorale prelude Vater unser im Himmelreich

Klaus Schulten gave an excellent performance to the delight of everyone present.

Accompanying Klaus Schulten for the second concert were Stefanie Bartsch playing recorder and oboe, and Adrian Wehlte playing flutes.

The program of the second concert was as follows:


Opening Words

C. Ph. E. Bach (1714-1788) Rev. Dr. Habib Badr and Board Members
"Adagio" of the "Sonata per il Flauto solo" (Wq 132)
traverso solo

G. F. Händel (1685-1750)
Sonata in F major (op.2)
traverso, recorder, organ

3 G. Ph. Telemann (1681-1767)
Sonata in B flat major
oboe, organ

Presentation of the organ-stops, the baroque flutes and the baroque oboe

G. Ph. Telemann
Sonata in D major: Pastorale, Gavotte
traverso, oboe, organ

J. S. Bach (1885-1750) / W. Fr. Bach (1710-1784) 
Trio in A major (BWV 586) Concert on 7 January 2018
Duett (F 62)  : Allegro/ Amoroso/ Alla breve
Trio in E Major (BWV 1040)
recorder / traverso, oboe, organ

G. F. Händel (1685-1759)
Sonate B flat major (so-called Fitzwilliam Sonata)
recorder, organ

G. Ph. Telemann (1681-1767)
Sonata in F major,
Two recorders, organ

Klaus Schulten, Stefanie Bartsch, and Adrian Wehlte gave an excellent performance informing the audience during the program about the various Baroque instruments they performed on. The instruments accompanying the organ enriched the program and enhanced the appreciation of the audience of the music performed. It was an excellent concert that was highly appreciated by all attending.
The presence of this historic pipe organ (a cultural treasure) in JLSS and the two concerts were almost unreal and surreal. Johann Ludwig Schneller School was back in its original tradition of bringing music and culture to its students and region. Furthermore, it was enriching its peace education program through the realized concept of music for peace.
We praise God for working His miracles amongst us!
We sincerely thank Klaus Schulten, Stefanie Bartsch, and Adrian Wehlte, who personally incurred their travel expenses. to give these most wonderful concerts in JLSS.
Thank you very much!

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