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Rev. Grieb with Exchange Students in JLSS Wolfgang Lisa Anna and Livia in JLSS

Rev. Wolfgang Grieb along with three exchange students from NEST visited JLSS on Friday 12 April, 2013. We were very glad that Wolfgang was out of his wheelchair and plaster which were the result of his fall during his visit to our region in November 2012. The exchange students came from NEST (Near East School of Theology - Beirut) where they are on an interfaith study course this semester. Lisa Mohns, Anna Steinke, and Livia Stiller come from EMS related churches in Germany.
They spent the day in our school visiting all our departments and walking around our campus before returning to Beirut in the afternoon.
We thank Wolfgang, Lisa, Anna, and Livia for their visit, friendship, and kind donation to our school.

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