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Alton Roberts Chemistry Awards 2010/2011 Alton Robert's Chemistry Award 2010 2011

Ghiwa Shakrina and Yassmine Daushoum won the Roberts Chemistry Awards for the Academic Year 2010/2011. This award is in memory of the Rev. Dr. C. Alton Roberts who was a former teacher of Chemistry at JLSS and the late president of the Lutheran Board of Mission - USA. Both Ghiwa and Yassmine, who had the highest grades in Chemistry in Grade 11 this year, received the awards and a cheque for fifty US Dollars each. The awards and cheques were delivered to them during the morning salutation of the flag on Monday morning 13 June 2011. We congratulate them both on their achievements and success. We also thank Rev. Shankweiler and the Lutheran Board of Mission - USA for the wonderful support our school receives, and for the yearly Roberts Awards that encourage our students to do better and work hard for success.
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