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Rolf Bartel Follow-up Visit

Rolf Bartel is the energy expert from Germany who is kindly assisting JLSS to upgrade its central heating systems. He visitedRolf Bartel in JLSS Schneller School a few times during the last two years. His last visit was in the summer of 2014 to implement the first stage of the energy project.
A lot of follow-up work was required to make sure the system is running properly and efficiently. Preparation work was also needed for the second stage of the energy project which will be implemented next summer. A visit this February was very necessary.
Rolf responded positively to our request for help, and he came to JLSS from 22 February till 1 March 2015.
He spent the whole week inspecting and adjusting the newly installed system, and training our staff to maintain and service it correctly.
He also had various meetings with staff of the JLSS maintenance department, local technicians, and the director to prepare for the second stage of the project.
The great success of the first stage lead us to adjust the four year plan slightly. We plan to implement a similar system for two buildings (BBH 2 and BBH 3) which will be heated from one boiler room.
Rolf's precise evaluation of the exact need of the heated areas matched with the correct size of boilers and the implementation of modern German heating technologies bring the efficiency of JLSS heating systems to a very good standard. This also reduces our diesel expenditure enormously. We get efficient heating, we reduce waste of energy, and we save a lot of money.
We are extremely grateful to Rolf for utilizing his expertise to assist JLSS in modernizing its heating systems.
We highly appreciate his kindness in taking time from his personal holiday to come to help our school.
We express our most sincere gratitude to our German Partners, the EVS Foundation, who sent us Rolf and who also finance the energy project.

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