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Rolf Bartel of Stadtwerke Waiblingen in JLSS

Rolf Bartel of Stadtwerke Waiblingen arrived to JLSS on 23 February 2014. He is assisting our school with a five-year plan to upgrade all central heating systems. He previously visited JLSS for an initial assessment of the energy needs of Schneller School. The aim is to reduce diesel expenditure and extend heating hours through implementing modern systems that benefit fromRolf Bartel in JLSS German expertise in energy.
We cannot implement systems in accordance with German standards due to many factors, but we can benefit enormously from German know-how in the field of energy.
Our partners EVS/EMS are facilitating these services through the EVS advisor to Schneller schools Mr. Helmut Hekmann.
The EVS Foundation is providing JLSS with the funds to implement the project. LBMS (The Lutheran Board for Mission Support - USA) is also supporting this project.
Rolf had several meeting in JLSS in preparation for the implementation of stage one of the project. He drew up the plans, and visited local suppliers to check the availability of the needed material and equipment.
He travelled back to Germany on the 2nd of March having completed the objectives of his visit.
Work will start when the weather is warm enough that central heating is not needed any more. It will be completed during the summer holiday. We hope Rolf will return in August or early September to check the implementation of the project and finalize work.
We express our sincere gratitude to Rolf Bartel, Helmut Hekmann, Stadtwerke Waiblingen, and EVS/EMS for this wonderful visit and all its achievements. We look forward to the implementation of the project and its wonderful benefits for JLSS and its children.

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