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Second Wasserburg am Inn Rotary Club Visit

Mr. Peter Rink, Secretary of the Rotary Club in Wasserburg am Inn - Germany, accompanied with Mr. Manfred Bonetsmüller visited our school from the 1st to the 4th November 2008. This is their second visit to follow-up on the decision of their club to help our school.
The Beirut Rotary Club and the Wasserburg am Inn Rotary club are considering joint projects to suppoPeter and Manfred with our Trainersrt our vocational department.
The GTZ is operating in Lebanon through an agreement between the Lebanese and German Governments. Although GTZ is providing our school with a lot of information on implementing the Dual System, they are unable to help us with any equipment as their contract restricts their material support to government schools. The implementation of the Dual System requires us to acquire very expensive equipment that is needed for training our students. As we do not receive any material support from GTZ because we are a private school we are seeking the help of our friends and partners.
The Rotary Foundation has been supporting our school for many years, and through the kind support of Mr. Toni Asfour of the Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary club, we hope to receive the expensive equipment that is lacking in our vocational department. This will allow students of our school who are mainly from extremely poor families to acquire excellent vocational training.
Both the Beirut Cosmopolitan and the Wasserburg Rotary clubs are considering providing JLSS Meeting with Trainers in the Industrial Mechanics Workshopwith a CNC machine. The project also includes inviting one of our trainers to Germany next March for six weeks to update him on the use of CNC machines and to train him how to operate the particular model that will be sent to JLSS.
Mr. Rink and Mr. Bonetsmüller stayed for a few days in our school to prepare for this project. They had meetings with the director and the trainers of the Industrial Mechanics department. They visited the workshop and assessed all the technical aspects of the installation of the CNC machine and the training that is required for its operation. They also presented our trainers with technical reference books on metal work.
We express our thanks to Mr. Rink and Mr. Bonetsmüller for their kind visit and wonderful support. We also thank Mr. Toni Asfour for the fantastic help he is providing us. We express our most sincere gratitude to the Wasserburg am Inn Rotary Club and the Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary club for their very kind support of our school.
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