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Rotary School Furniture Transforms JLSS

Maintenance Team at Work When the Rotary school furniture arrived last October, school had already started. We stored the furniture as we could not disrupt classes in order to move it to the classrooms. The Christmas holiday was very wet with rain and storms so we could not risk moving the furniture either.
The Easter holiday was the time we were waiting for to transform our school with the Rotary furniture we were so eager to use.
The team of the maintenance department had to sacrifice two days of its holiday to do the job. Tuesday and Wednesday 26 and 27 March 2013 were the days for the job to be done.
The maintenance team removed the old furniture and replaced it with the new furniture. Ten out of the thirteen of the classrooms of the academic department had their furniture totally replaced. Our classrooms were transformed in such a way that our teachers and students may think they are in the wrong school when they return from the Easter holiday.
On top of all that the shipment included enough desks to fully furnish the reading area of our new library (Stammeier Library) which we will open soon.
As we expected, the Rotary furniture that replaced our old battered desks and chairs, transformed our classes moving them in time thirty to forty years; from the distant past to the 21st century.
We express our most sincere gratitude to RC Wasserburg and the Rotary Foundation for this most wonderful project.
We also sincerely thank all the schools in Germany that supported this project.
A huge thank you to our dear friends and partners of RC Wasserburg and the Rotary Foundation.

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New Furniture

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Old Furniture
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Transformation Everywhere Rotary Furniture
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