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Very Kind Donation in Memory of Rev. Robert Sarkissian

New Dough KneaderOur dear friend, Mrs. Therese Sarkissian, wife of the late Rev. Robert Sarkissian of the French Protestant Church in Beirut, surprised us with a very kind donation of US$ 3,000 in his memory.
The old dough-kneader in our bakery was breaking continuously, but we couldn't replace it because of the high cost of a new one.
Mrs. Sarkissian wanted us to use her kind donation where it is needed most. She approved our suggestion to use it to buy a new dough-kneader for the bakery.
We ordered the dough-kneader from SOLARCO, a company that supplies heavy-duty equipment for hotels, hospitals, schools, and universities.
SOLARCO always kindly give Schneller School a reduction of 30% on the list price of their items. We owe this arrangement to our dear friends and supporters of the Rotary Club Beirut Cosmopolitan.
With both the generous donation of Mrs. Sarkissian and the regular discount we receive from SOLARCO we were able to get the heavy-duty dough-kneader (MAC.PAN MX70/2V) we badly need. It was delivered on Friday 24 January 2020.
Its safety features are an additional source for our joy. It is made in Italy and therefore has the safety features required by European law which our old one did not have.
Our bakery team are delighted that finally, after the long wait, they have a reliable and much safer dough-kneader they badly need.
We express our most sincere gratitude to Mrs. Therese Sarkissian for her wonderful friendship, prayer for our school, and very kind donation.
We also thank SOLARCO and RC Beirut Cosmopolitan for the generous discount we regularly receive.

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