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Rev. Klaus Schmid of EVS Visits JLSS Rev. Klaus Schmid in JLSS

Rev. Klaus Schmid, chairman of the Schneller Society in Germany, EVS, visited our school from 25 till 27 May 2011. He arrived from Theodore Schneller School in Amman. He had meetings in JLSS with the director, the head of the Finance Office, the head of the Boarding Department, and the German volunteers in JLSS. He was able to see the school and follow up on recent developments. He also conveyed wonderful news to us that the EVS Foundation during its last meeting decided to grant JLSS € 10,000 for the renovation project of Boarding Homes 4 & 5, € 5,000 for hairdressing equipment for the Girls Vocational Training Center, and € 500 for planting olive trees. He also carried with him from Germany electric scissors for the sewing department that Mr. Helmut Hekmann kindly acquired form BBW for the Sewing Department in the Vocational Training Center for Girls. Through his links in Germany, Mr. Hekmann sent JLSS a lot of equipment for this newly established center. We thank Mr. Hekmann and Rev. Schmid for their wonderful support. Rev. Schmid travelled to Beirut on Friday afternoon to meet the chairman of the Schneller Board of Trustees in Lebanon, Rev. Dr. Habib Badr. It was wonderful to receive Rev. Schmid who served JLSS for so many years as one of its members of staff, and as friend, member, and chairman of the EVS board in Germany. We thanked him for his wonderful visit and we asked him to convey our greetings and sincere gratitude to our German partners who enable us to carry on with our ministry to underprivileged children and to develop our programs and school campus.
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