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Schweizer Verein President at JLSS

Mr. Christoph Schmitter, President of the Swiss Schneller Society (Schweizer Verein für die Schneller Schulen im Nahen Osten), visited our school from the 20th to the 23rd of October 2008. He had meetings with the director of the school, heads of departments, and with the newly appointed head of the boarding department, Mr. Schmitter With our Vocational StudentsMr. Martin Bernhard, who is the Swiss INTERSERVE co-worker in our school. He was able to see the projects that the Swiss Schneller Society is supporting in our school in addition to its regular support of our operations. Our Swiss partners donated 10,000 CHF towards the Girls Vocational Training Center, and Mr. Schmitter was able to see the work on the project. They are funding the psychologist who supports our educators (night duty staff) in their care of our children. They are also providing the head of our boarding department, Mr. Martin Bernhard, with online further training and assistance, to help him fulfill his very important task in our school. Mr. Schmitter discussed the JLSS Strategic plan with the director and provided him with his input on the plan. He also shared his future plans for furthering the partnership and support of JLSS including organic farming, IT support from SBW Neue Medien AG, support of our educators, program development especially for the vocational training of girls, and future Swiss group visits to our school. We express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Schmitter and our Swiss partners for their wonderful friendship, partnership, and support.
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