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Second Single Mothers Graduation 2018

Single Mothers Graduation 2018 IIThe graduation of the second group of single mothers (Syrian refugees) for the year 2018 was held in Maria Schneller Hall on Wednesday 12 December 2018 at 10:00 AM.
Attending were the JLSS heads of departments.
Ten women who completed the three-month training program in sewing-skills received their certificates and sewing machines.
Dalia Jihad al-Saleh, Fatima Husni al-Ramadan, Mountaha Ali al-Mohammad, Ghaidaa Yousef Haidar, Amani Ahmad al-Mohammad, Hidaya Diyaa al-Zouhouri, Sanaa Mohammad Jammoul, Jouhaina Maarouf al-Jadea, Hind Saleh al-Hussein, and Rasha Fayyad al-Hammoud were the women that completed the course.

The director opened with a word of prayer. He then thanked Mrs. Carmen Zino for her work.
He informed the women about the change regarding immigrants in Germany as a result of the bad incidents that occurred and how difficult it is to raise funds for this program as the Syrian tragedy is no more the focus of attention in the media. Single Mothers Graduation 2018 II
EMS/EVS continue their efforts to raise funds to help refugees. They continue to support refugee programs in spite of all the challenges.
The director expressed his admiration and gratitude to our German partners who continue to support refugee programs in JLSS.
He congratulated the women on their achievement and wished them success in their work.
With their acquired skills they should be able to support themselves and their children.
The women then cut the cake which was prepared for the occasion by our kitchen staff.
After cake and refreshments it was time for photos.
The single mothers expressed their sincere gratitude to Schneller School and EMS/EVS for the training and all the other support they and their children received through the program.
We express our sincere gratitude to our German partners EMS/EVS for supporting this wonderful program.

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