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SES Expert Wolfgang Eckstein in JLSS

Wolfgang Eckstein in JLSSThe old Weiler lathes in the Industrial Mechanics workshop were due for regulation after many years of usage by both trainers and students. The newly acquired Knuth CNC Lathe needed connection and installation. We sent a request to SES, Senior Expert Services in Germany, to send an expert to train our trainers in accomplishing both tasks.
Mr. Wolfgang Eckstein was supposed to arrive before the new academic year 2019/2020 started when our trainers have plenty of time for training. Unfortunately, there was a water-leakage problem in his flat that forced him to postpone his trip.
He arrived on Sunday 7 October 2019. He worked with our trainers on the Weiler lathes until Thursday 17 October when the people's uprising started in Lebanon and most roads were closed.
Schneller School had to send all students to their homes on Friday hoping that all will be well by Sunday when they will return to school and normal work would resume. The uprising continued. Demonstrations and road closure continued for days. Most roads were closed.
Schneller staff, like all other people in Lebanon, were not able to report to work.
Mr. Eckstein's work in the workshop was abruptly stopped. He was able to continue with some paper work on the laptop, but work on the lathes was brought to a halt.
The days were passing, and the time for Mr. Eckstein's return to Germany was approaching. The Knuth CNC lathe was not connected yet, so the director called Mr. Fadi Tebcherani, trainer of Industrial Mechanics, and Mr. Fares Nassrallah, trainer of Industrial Electricity, to try to come to JLSS on Thursday 24 October to work with Mr. Eckstein on installing the CNC lathe.
They managed to do so, and finally after two hours of work the job was done. Both rushed back home before roads were closed.
Mr. Eckstein was due to fly back to Germany on Sunday 27. We tried with taxi companies to reserve a car to take him to the airport but we failed. We reserved a room for him in a hotel in Beirut where we were able to arrange for a taxi to take him to the airport on Sunday morning.
We finally were able to find a person who was able to take him in his private car to Beirut early Saturday morning at 6:00 AM through mountain roads.
He arrived to the hotel and spent the day there. He flew back to Germany on Sunday on schedule.
We thank Mr. Eckstein for his work. We also thank SES for their support.

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