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Single Mothers' Program 2017 Single Mothers Program 2017

The first session of the Single Mothers' Program 2017 started on Monday 6 February 2017. Ten mothers (with children) whose husbands are dead, missing, or imprisoned, arrived to Schneller School at 8:00 AM to begin a three-month vocational training program.
They will be learning sewing and dress-making under Ms. Carmen Zino. The bus picked them up from Marj camp for Syrian refugees, which is half-an-hour's drive from Schneller School.
They were welcomed and introduced to Schneller School. They were then informed that the program, like Schneller School, is supported by our German partners EVS/EMS.
They were informed that in addition to vocational training they are provided with an income equivalent to their daily wages, diesel to heat their tents, medical care, medications, milk and bottled water for their children, and the monthly rent for the land on which each woman's tent is pitched in the camp. They and their children will also receive a snack at 10:00 AM and a hot meal at 12:00.
The children will have a teacher, Ms. Lina Haddad, who will provide them with day-care and pre-school instruction.
Sadly, one woman has an amputated leg. The other women will assist her in moving around. We told her that we will gladly accommodate her needs. We will make all the necessary adjustments to allow her to follow the program.
We hope the program this year will be as successful as it was in previous years.
We express our sincere gratitude to EVS/EMS for supporting this program.

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