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Snowstorm Closes School
12 January 2012

There was a lot of talk about the upcoming snowstorm in the Lebanese media. It was expected to arrive during Wednesday night 11 January 2011. Everyone expected to wake up Thursday morning with snow covering the whole area. The children were waiting for it hoping school will close; but Thursday morning came and there was no snow. Children arrived to school with great disappointment and classes started normally, but not for long. Soon snow started to fall. Parents and drivers started rushing to school to take the children home. Employees started getting restless eagerly waiting for the moment they are told they could go home. Miraculously, in less than an hour, Schneller School had no students left. Teachers and staff were delighted to hear the decision that, as there were no students left, they could go home. The snowstorm got worse on Friday and snow-fall was heavy. The whole area was freezing cold, beautifully covered with white snow. Children, teachers, and members of staff were all delighted with the unexpected snow holiday. Two days were lost that will have to be added to the Academic Year in June. What was worrying was the weather forecast which was stating that two other snow storms were on their way to our area. This was delightful news to our students. It is not a bad arrangement to have students stay at home during snowstorms. Adding a few days to the Academic Year in June is no problem at all. It also has the advantage of saving on diesel bills during these days of very high fuel prices. We hope parents will allow children to enjoy the snow, but we also ask them to use the time to help children catch up with their studies and do other constructive activities other than watching TV and browsing the Internet.
Classes resumed on Monday morning January 16.

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