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Snowstorm January 2022

Snowstorm January 2022The snowstorm that hit the Middle East forced the closure of Johann Ludwig Schneller School among other schools in the Beqaa region. We barely managed to resume school on Monday 17 January 2022, after the extended Christmas holiday, when we had to suspend classes and send all students home two days later on Wednesday morning after heavy snowfall.
We thought it will only be for a few days, as is usually the case. We cleared the snow on Saturday. We sprinkled salt on our internal roads to reduce the formation of ice as temperature was reaching -3 degrees Celsius at night. We were planning to resume classes on Monday.
An even stronger snowstorm followed on Sunday leaving a thick blanket of snow over the Beqaa valley covering both West and East mountain ranges on its sides.
One very old tree next to Herman Schneller Haus and another near St. Michael's Church were completely uprooted and fell to the ground, thank God, without any damages. Another tree near the girls' boarding-homes building broke halfway with the upper half dangerously dangling on the lower half. Branches that broke under the heavy weight of snow were everywhere.
Corona was still a concern as it was spreading everywhere in Lebanon. The snowstorm may have providentially Snowstorm January 2022helped reduce its spread. The closure of schools and universities and the bitter cold forced most people to stay at home. This was another blessing of this snowstorm.
We definitely need the water that winter brings. We are especially grateful for snowstorms in spite of the inconvenience they bring. The snow also reduces in a small way the terrible pollution around us, but it also carries the dangerous chemical-pollutants into our water-supply.
This should be a reminder to all people to act responsibly and demand an immediate end to industrial waste and sewage pollution in our region.
Farmers must also stop poisoning the soil with the irresponsible use of chemicals and pesticides.
The nitrates in the water of the Schneller spring that supplies the school with drinking water was at the maximum safety level in the last water test. We hope this snowstorm will correct the situation a little. But it remains the responsibility of the municipality of Khirbet Qanafar to control the use of fertilizers in the regions above the water springs up in the mountains, if not everywhere under its jurisdiction.
It was hard to imagine the suffering of people in refugee camps under the snow and bitter cold. Equally tragic was the fact that most people in Lebanon could no more afford to heat their homes and were also suffering under the storm.
We pray for an end to this terrible economic crisis in Lebanon. Above all, we pray for peaceSnow Removal which is the only way to put an end to the terrible suffering around us. With war all is lost. Only peace can bring dignity and prosperity to humanity.
Sunday 30 January was a day of hard work for our team that worked all day to remove the snow and fallen trees to prepare for the return of students to school.
We express our sincere gratitude to Shadi Naim who worked all day on his Bobcat to clear the snow. We also thank him for sending a member of his team to clear the water-meter and restore normal pressure in the main supply of the school.
We thank Eliyya Salloum, George Shawool, Hassan alAhmad, Mohammad alKhodor and his team who helped with the removal of the fallen trees. 
Classes resumed on Monday 31 January 2022.

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