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Team from South Africa at Schneller

A team of people from South Africa visited our school on Tuesday 12 December 2006. They were part of a larger solidarity group visiting Lebanon from South Africa. The group was made up of three teams. The first was a medical team, the second a reconstruction team, and the third was composed of people specialized in helping children. The first and second team spent two weeks helping out in the South of Lebanon. We were greatly blessed with a visit from the third team whose members lead the evening chapel service and then spent time visiting our families (boarding homes) and interacting with our students. Our students had a wonderful time with the team. We express our sincere gratitude to the team and to Mr. Jihad Nasr for the wonderful visit. We also express our sincere gratitude to the whole team and the people who are supporting them, in prayer and otherwise, for this very encouraging visit of support to our country, especially in the difficult time we are currently going through.
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