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Summer 2015 Projects Summer 2015 Projects

Summer is the time to do the necessary projects in JLSS in order to improve the living conditions for our children. During Summer 2015 we had three main projects: the Second Stage of the Energy Project, the Replacement of the Roof Tiles of BBH2 (Boys Boarding Home 2), and the Kindergarten Renovation Project.

The second stage of the energy project was financed by our German partners the EVS Foundation and our American partners, the Lutheran Board for Mission Support - USA.
The central heating system of two of our buildings housing BBH2 and BBH3were completely renovated. A modern energy room serves both buildings in accordance with the plans the energy expert from Germany, Mr. Rolf Bartel, kindly prepared. The new system saves on diesel bills, and it provides better heating for both buildings.
The first stage of the project which was done last Summer was a great success.
Work on this project extended long after the start of the new academic year 2015/2016. It was completed during the Christmas holiday.

Summer 2015 ProjectsThe replacement of the roof tiles of the building housing BBH2 was completed in Summer. The damp and water leakage problems in this building in addition to that housing BBH3 deteriorated a lot during the last years. In winter most of the bedrooms had a lot of water in them during heavy rain. The roof tiles were so old and badly damaged making all our repair efforts in vain. The problem was really bad during snowstorms.
We still have to do the building housing BBH 3 next Summer. We hope one of our partners will help us fix that roof too, so that the water and damp problems will be totally resolved in all boarding homes. Summer 2015 Projects

The Kindergarten Center is being renovated with funds from our German partners EMS/EVS, and a donation from Mr. Abie Moussa. This center was used for the Syrian Refugee Single Mothers' Program for the last two years. It was an old abandoned house that needed a lot of repair. The first stage of the project was done last summer. Work on this project continued after summer 2015 and extended to the early months of 2016. The center will be a very nice place for children once it is completed. It will be used for future programs of the Single Mothers' Program as well as the JLSS Kindergarten.

We also did the necessary maintenance work which we regularly do in Summer. We also renovated the Junior School toilets in addition to paint and repair work all over the school.

We express our sincere gratitude to our partners who supported these projects, namely the EVS Foundation, the Lutheran Board for Mission Support USA, RC Hamburg (Dr. Heinrich Köhler), and Mr. Abie Moussa. We also thank Mr. Rolf Bartel for his technical support of the energy project.

Summer 2015 Projects

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