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Summer Projects 2014 Church Roof

We praise God for our partner support that enabled us to complete badly needed projects in summer 2014.
The most important project was the replacement of the roof tiles of our beautiful St. Michael's Church.
The church was in a very bad state of repair. We built a water ducts around the church to protect the foundations in Summer 2012. The inside of the church was totally renovated last summer, but the water that was leaking inside the church every time it rained was damaging the church interior. It was very important to have the roof fixed once and for all.
Thanks to our partners, the Lutheran Board for Mission Support - USA, and our supporting partner the EVS Foundation, enough funds were sent to execute the project.
Church Roof Project We also received a small donation for that purpose from the Weiblingen Protestant Church.
The technical know-how for that project was provided by  Daher Company SAL; the local dealer of the French company Monier. We also acquired all the roof-tiles and accessories from Daher Company SAL. The company decided to give JLSS a special discount because the project was for a church.
The church was fitted first with special insulation material then the tiles were fixed. The job was well done, and the end result was very beautiful.
We express our thanks to Daher Company SAL for the discount and the technical support.

The other project that was executed in Summer 2014 was the first stage of the four-year-plan for the renovation and upgrading of the central heating systems of JLSS.
The plan was developed by Mr. Rolf Bartel who visited JLSS a few times to prepare for the project. We are grateful to Energy Works of the city of Weiblingen - Germany for allowing Mr. Bartel  to visit JLSS and do all the work that was necessary for this project. Central Heating Project
The project was supported by our supporting German partners, the EVS Foundation.
The implementation of the project was not easy as Mr. Bartel was introducing new systems that have not been implemented in our region before. Parts were ordered from outside of Lebanon. One dealers were late in delivering the supplies, but the project was finally completed in time for the winter season.
The initial results after testing the system for over a month are very promising. The heating efficiency of the system are very impressive. We are able to heat St. Michael's Church in 45 minutes, making it economical to heat the church for our evening chapel services regularly. This was not done since 2007.
We thank our partners, the Lutheran Board for Mission Support - USA, and our supporting partner the EVS Foundation for enabling us to do these badly needed projects.
Central Heating Project We are also very grateful to Mr. Rolf Bartel for his work on the central heating project.

The regular maintenance work that is done on our buildings was also done this summer. In addition to that the flat were the new head of the boarding department will live was completely renovated.
The very old rain-drainage-pipes on three of our buildings were replaced. Other repair work was performed on the outside walls of a few buildings in order to stop the water leakage and damp problems in them. The rain shelter on the terrace of BBH 1 was also replaced.

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