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Sunday School Conference of NECB

Our church, the National Evangelical Church of Beirut, was unable to hold its summer conferences in Johann Ludwig Schneller School for the last three years. StartingSunday School Conference 2008 with the summer war of 2006 the security situation in Lebanon made parents and the organizers reluctant to come to our region. This year was different. We were delighted to receive the Sunday-school children of our church for their regular summer conference from 11 until 14 July 2008.
The changes in JLSS since that time were huge. The guest house was renovated. The children's boarding homes were also renovated. The toilets, showers, and facilities are all very new. We no more have huge bedrooms for fifteen to twenty children to sleep in. Four to six children share a small bedroom. We also now have hot-running water thanks to our newly installed solar-heating panels. As the organizers put it: "compared to the past, it feels like a five-star hotel."
For the last three years the children were complaining that they were not happy with the alternative venues, they always wanted Schneller. Now they have more reason to insist on JLSS as their favorite venue for conferences.
We welcome the organizers and Sunday-school children of our church, and we thank them for holding their summer conference in our school.
We also thank our partners for making JLSS not only a better place for Schneller students but also for children and young people of our church.
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