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SVS & EVS Joint Meeting in Switzerland SVS and EVS in Kartause Ittingen

Our partners, SVS (Schweizer Verein für die Schneller Schulen im Nahen Osten) and EVS (Evangelischer Verein für die Schneller-Schulen), had a joint meeting in Kartause Ittingen (Switzerland) from 3 to 4 July 2010. Attending also were both directors of Johann Ludwig and Theodore Schneller Schools. This was the first time such a meeting was held and the participants heard the visions and plans of both directors and discussed the challenges facing both schools.
The program included worship time, meetings, small group deliberations, and finally conclusions were drawn in a meeting that included all the participants.
The venue (Kartause Ittingen) was an ideal place for fulfilling the objectives of the meetings. The organization and moderation was lead by SVS in an excellent manner that was very conducive to the achievement of the intended goals.
Dinner at Schmitter HouseSVS had also prepared a wonderful program for both directors who were accompanied by their wives. The directors paid the expenses of air travel for their wives while SVS and EVS kindly paid the other expenses.
SVS President, Christoph Schmitter, and his wife Marianne, hosted a dinner in their house in Bern for members of SVS to welcome both directors and their wives. The program included a wonderful visit to Basel and Chrischona tracing the history of the very beginnings of Schneller schools. It also included visits to other places in Bern, Sursee, and finally a superb boat trip in Lake Thun.

Both directors and their wives travelled with the EVS group on their return trip to Germany in the afternoon of Sunday July 4. The program in Germany included meetings at the EMS offices for the directors while Mr. Wolfgang Saier kindly took the directors' wives to show them around Stuttgart and Esslingen. Mr. Hekmann and his wife Ruth, accompanied by Mr. Martin Goll and his wife Lore, invitedBought Trip with Rev. Maurer the directors and their wives to Waiblingen showing them around the wonderful country region and taking them to their beautiful vineyards. Mr. and Mrs. Hekmann later hosted them all for a wonderful dinner in their house.
On the following day Rev. Andreas Maurer took his guests on a visit to Tübingen which included a boat trip (similar to the gondolas of Venice) masterfully stick-driven by him in the river.  They were accompanied by other EVS members including Rev. Klaus Schmid. Former German Minister of Justice, Dr. Herta Daübler Gmelin later joined the group accompanying them on a most beautiful walk through the old city of  Tübingen. EMS later hosted a dinner for all present in an outstanding restaurant there.
We express our thanks to both SVS and EVS and all the wonderful people who hosted both directors and their wives. We especially thank them for the very successful meetings that were held to support and accompany both directors in their challenging tasks. Above all we thank them for their commitment and wonderful support of both schools without which they would not be able to continue to provide care, education, and vocational training to needy children.
Dinner in Tubingen  Dinner at Hekmann House
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