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Swiss Verein Tour Group In JLSS

Our Swiss partners, Schweizer Verein für die Schneller schulen im Nahen Osten, organized a tour-group to Lebanon. They arrived on Monday Swiss Computer Gurus at Work28 April 2008. They stayed in our guesthouse.  Visiting our school was an important part of their visit in addition to seeing touristic places in Lebanon. The president of the Swiss Verein, Mr. Christoph Schmitter was leading the group.  Among the team were two young men from SBW Neue Medien AG, Lukas Gut and Luca Lehner, who were also visiting our school to help us with their computer expertise and help us with whatever we need in our IT department. The computers of our IT classroom have not been maintained and updated for a long time. So Lukas and Luca started work on them, first attending to the hardware, giving all sixteen systems a thorough inspection and cleaning. They then did all the necessary maintenance work on the software, and finally they updated our systems to the latest versions. 
The tour group met with the director of the school and the heads of departments. They also visited the different departments and workshops.
We express our sincere thanks for the Swiss Verein and all members of the tour group for their visit. We especially thank Lukas and Luca for the wonderful job on our computers. 
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