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Syrian Single Mothers' Graduation

Our special vocational training program for Syrian refugee single mothers (lost their husbands in the war, or whose husbands areSyrian Mothers Graduation imprisoned or missing) was completed with a graduation gathering which was held on Friday 30 May 2014 in the Fellowship Hall.
This gathering was attended by all the JLSS heads of departments, the graduating women, in addition to Miss Carmen Zino who trained the women for four months.
The director congratulated the women on their impressive achievements during their period of training in JLSS. He thanked Miss Carmen Zino for her outstanding work with the women. He presented each woman with a certificate for the sewing and dress-making course, and a gift of a sewing machine which will enable each woman to earn a living in order to support her children.
Also graduating was Ahmad, a thirteen year old Syrian refugee boy, who attended a woodworking training course for the same period.
He was also given a certificate and a gift of carpentry tools.
The gathering was a very emotional one, as all ten women had to adjust toSyrian Mothers Graduation returning to their tough life in the Marj camp. They expressed their sincere gratitude to EMS, SVS, JLSS, Miss Zino and the director for the assistance and training they received.
Most of them were in tears as they were very sad to be leaving Schneller School.
A small reception followed.
We express our most sincere gratitude to our partners in Germany EMS (Evangelical Mission in Solidarity) and our partners in Switzerland SVS (Schweizer Verein für die Schneller Schulen im Nahen Osten), for enabling us to run this most wonderful program.

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