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Third Trimester 2017 News

Teachers and trainers continued with regular programs and activities in the 3rd trimester of the Academic Year 2016/2017.

The graduation of the first group of single mothers (Syrian refugees) was held in Maria Schneller Hall on Monday 15 May atSingle Mothers Graduation 1 2017 11:30 AM. Ten women who completed the three-month training program in sewing skills received their certificates and a sewing machine each. Attending were all heads of departments. The director opened with a word of prayer. He then thanked Mrs. Carmen Zino for her work with the women. He congratulated the ten women on their achievement and wished them success in their work now that they have skills that will enable them to support themselves and their children. The women then cut the cake which was baked for the occasion by our kitchen staff.
We express our sincere gratitude to our German partners EMS/EVS for supporting this wonderful program. The skills these women learnt and the sewing machines they received will enable them to generate income to improve the standard of life for them and their children.

Labor Day was celebrated by the vocationalLabor Day 2017 department on Friday 28 April 2017 at 1:30 PM in Hermann Schneller Hall. The director opened with a word of prayer. He then congratulated all JLSS workers expressing his hope that the salary scale will be adjusted soon and workers will have the better pay they need to cope with the high cost-of-living in Lebanon.
Vocational students who are not easily convinced to sing and act, sang Lebanese folk songs and performed various sketches to commemorate the occasion. The program was concluded with an address by the head of the vocational department, Mr. Joseph Bou Simaan.

The Field Day was held on Thursday 4 May 2017. It was named the Martin Ruopp Field Day in gratitude for the new football field which was completely financed by the parents of the late Martin Ruopp.  The magnificent football field transformed the field day and made it very special.
A full-day's program was prepared by Mrs. Akroush assisted by Ms. Dorothee Beck and other JLSS teachers and trainers. Various sports activities and competitions were conducted during the day. Exciting new games were introduced. Mrs. Akroush, Ms. Beck, trainer Abd El-Aziz, and other teachers and trainers worked tirelessly all day, moving from one activity to another, until at the end of the day, a football game was played.
In order to have two balanced teams to stop the rivalry between the vocational and academic students, it was decided that both teams should have players from both departments. Field Day 2017
All our efforts were in vain. Soon there was strong rivalry between Mrs. Akroush's team and that of Mr. Abd El-Aziz. The second half time ended with the score 2 2. Some teachers and trainers were of the opinion that we should leave it at that. With such a professional football field we couldn't but apply football rules strictly. We extended the game for 15 more minutes.
In spite of the loud instructions of Mrs. Akroush to her team, Mr. Abd El-Aziz's quiet directions made his team win. The Martin Ruopp cup went to Mr. Abdel Aziz's team. Both teams received medals.
It was a loud conclusion to a wonderful day.

The yearly Funfair was held on Wednesday 24 May 2017. Contrary to other years, it extended only for one day. At the parents' request we had to shorten the school year by one week because of the Ramadan fast. We had to compensate the five days by shortening the Easter holiday and making the funfair one day only. The parents committed to the agreement that no such thing can happen next year because the whole fast of Ramadan will be during the academic year.
The head of the municipal council of Khirbet Qanafar, Mr. Toni Shdied, gave the opening address. He was accompanied by council member Mr. George Al-Zarzour. Mr. Bashir Monsef assisted by a team of teachers, trainers, educators, and students, worked tirelessly to make all the necessaryFunfair 2017 preparations. The staff dining-room was transformed into an exhibition hall for selling the products of our workshops. A youth group performed a very nice play for the children of the Junior school. The aim of the play was to teach children to be kind to each other and to be peace-loving and friendly.
This year, thanks to Rev. Wilbert van Saane, we had a professional Dutch magician who performed two shows to different age groups. Hilbert Geerling who was assisted by his father was so good, that at the end of one of the shows a boy with a cast on his hand came to him asking him to make the cast disappear. Other young children who saw him perform the trick of making the pieces of a torn paper become whole again, came to him with torn used funfair tickets, asking him to make them whole so they could use them again. He amazed students of all age groups. The older boys were later trying to make him teach them some of his amazing tricks. Teachers and trainers were equally amazed with his excellent shows. We express our sincere gratitude to the Geerlings and Rev. van Saane for this very special addition to our funfair.
Mr. Monsef and his team later organized Karaoke singing which delighted all attending.
The delicious Lebanese MOUNEH (food items) that are kindly donated by Mr. Monsef's mother, year after year, were also sold to generate income for the funfair.
We express our sincere gratitude to Mrs. Monsef for her continued support of our funfair.
Mrs. Odette Haddad Makhoul, as usual, spent at least a month prior to the funfair going from one Funfair 2017place to another collecting prizes for the funfair tombola. She also organized the selling of tickets that generated a very good income. We also thank her for organizing the tombola year after year.
Delicious CHICH TAWOUK (barbequed chicken), hamburgers, French fries, and other food items were sold for everyone to enjoy. Boarding students and the Syrian refugee single mothers with their children were provided with those delicacies at no charge. Children of the single mothers were provided with game tickets free of charge so they also could participate. Boarding children were allowed to play on the inflatable games after 4:00 PM free of charge. Parents, students, alumni, friends, and children of all ages came to JLSS to enjoy the funfair. Mr. Monsef's team worked hard all day to ensure the safety of students and to make sure everyone had a wonderful time.
We express our thanks to Mr. Bashir Monsef and his team for successfully organizing yet another wonderful funfair this year. We also thank the youth group for the very nice play they performed for our children.  Our sincere gratitude also goes to all the sponsors who made contributions this year towards this very important Schneller event.

The graduation ceremony Graduation 2017for the academic year 2016/2017 was held on Friday 2 June 2017 at 5.00 PM. The graduating class entered Herman Schneller Hall in procession followed by the head of the boarding department, Miss Souad Boutros, the head of the academic department Mrs. Rita Shakrina, the head of the vocational department Mr. Joseph Bou Simaan, and the Director, Rev. George D. Haddad. The ceremony began with the Lebanese national anthem, which was followed with words of welcome and a prayer by the director, who then addressed the graduating class. A PowerPoint presentation about life in the vocational department was shown. The message of the graduating class was then delivered by Mohammad al-Houjairy. The head of the vocational department, Mr. Joseph Bou Simaan then delivered his address.  Finally, the certificates were distributed to the graduating students. A reception followed in Maria Schneller Hall in honor of the graduating students and their parents. As it was the time of Ramadan, those who were not fasting enjoyed the cake and the refreshments, and those who were fasting were given take-home packages with pieces of cake.

Graduates with the Dual System Secondary Certificate in Car Mechanics:
Abbas Kassem Moheidly, Omar Imad Mursel, Louai Jalal al-Meis, Majd Marwan Azzam, Mohammad Abdallah al-Houjairy, and Mohammad Mahmoud Ghazal.

Graduates with the Dual System Secondary Certificate in Industrial Mechanics:
Dory Ghabi Gorra, Zein el-Abedeen Omeis, Abd el-Kareem Abd el-Kareem Mohyiddine, Mohammad Ahmad Rida, and Nazem Rashid al-Zammar. (all five in absentia).

Congratulations to all of them!

Kindergarten Graduation 2017The Kindergarten graduation was held on Thursday 8 June 2017 at 10:30 AM in Hermann Schneller Hall. The program reflected the major changes that took place in our Kindergarten this year. The new Kindergarten center lead by the new coordinator, Mrs. Rania Shalaby, was of the expected standard we were aiming for. Thanks to the new center and the work of Mrs. Shalaby, Mrs. Salameh, and all the other teachers, the children accomplished great achievements. They were happy, well organized, and every child was fully participating in the program.
The achievement of teachers is not in having children who do well give results. The hard work and dedication of teachers is seen when every child in class, both low achievers and high achievers, perform equally well and reach the same goals. This was clearly seen in the program.
We express our gratitude to all the Kindergarten teachers.
A special word of thanks goes to all our partners who supported the new Kindergarten project: EVS/EMS, Rotary Foundation, Lutheran Board for Mission Support, and Mr. Abie Moussa.
At the end of the program KG3 children received their certificates.
The children, teachers, and parents attending were invited for cake and refreshments at the end of the program.

Honoring Josephine HaddadMiss Josephine Haddad who worked for Schneller School for 38 years as teacher of the Arabic language retired at the end of the Academic Year 2016/2017. She was honored on Thursday 29 June 2017 at 10:30 AM during the weekly staff gathering in Maria Schneller Hall.  The director thanked her for her long years of service, and wished her a happy retirement. He presented her with a small thank-you gift from the school. She then cut the cake prepared by the kitchen staff for the occasion.

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