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Tribute to Mr. Farid Dagher who Passed Away

The Director of JLSS and all its teachers and members of staff pay tribute to Mr. Farid Dagher who passed away on Saturday 28 May 2011. The funeral was held in his hometown of Jimayliyeh on Sunday 30 May at 2.00 PM in the Evangelical Church. Condolences were received before and after the funeral service in the church hall of the Jimayliyeh Evangelical Church and also on Monday.
Mr. Farid Dagher served Schneller School very faithfully all his working career. He was head of the Maintenance Department and was an extremely dedicated person who was able to handle any problem personally, saving the school huge expenses. He was able to fix anything in the school, and after his retirement his absence was very seriously felt. He knew the ins and outs of the school, where every cable or pipe was, and was able to fix and maintain all the school equipment without ever needing professionals from outside the school.
His memory is a great inspiration to all JLSS staff who remember the old JLSS team with great appreciation as their dedication and service to the school were unequalled. We express our condolences to his family and friends, and we rejoice for his faith and unprecedented dedication. The Lord is Risen!.
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