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TSS Volunteers in JLSS TSS Volunteers Singing During the Chapel Service

TSS (Theodore Schneller School) volunteers, Johannes Oehler and Christian Schmid, arrived to our school from Amman - Jordan on Tuesday 26 January 2010. They had the midyear holiday in Jordan so they travelled first to Egypt and then to Lebanon. They stayed in one of our guestrooms in Family Seven, and both our EMS volunteers, Matthias Kuhlmann and Lisa Dorn, showed them around our school and looked after them. They integrated in the life of JLSS visiting different families and departments. On Thursday 28 January the four EMS volunteers sang a four part chorus to our students at the beginning of the evening chapel service. They sang very well and it was wonderful of them to participate in that way providing our students with a first-time experience of hearing music performed in four parts. The TSS volunteers visited Baalbeck and Beirut before returning to Jordan on Sunday 31 January. We thank them for their visit and we welcome them to visit our school again.
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