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Wonderful News from the Rotary Foundation

Rotarian and JLSS board member, Mr. Tony Asfour informed us on Thursday 18 June 2009 that the CNC machine for our Industrial Mechanics Department was bought. This is wonderful news and a very important leap for our vocational department into the twenty-first century.
The project of the CNC machine is a Rotary Foundation Project supported by many clubs namely the Rotary Club in Wasserburg am Inn - Germany and the Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary Club - Lebanon.
Mr. Peter Rink, Secretary of the Rotary Club in Wasserburg accompanied with Mr. Manfred Bonetsm├╝ller visited our school from the 1st to the 4th November 2008 to prepare for this project. They have been working jointly with Mr. Tony Asfour for over two years now to bring this project to fruition.
It was not an easy job and there were many challenges on the way, but they were determined to help our school with this very important project, and they pushed against all odds until it was realized.
The project will allow us to meet the needs of the Dual System program, update our trainers and students with recent skills that will allow them to catch up with modern developments in this field, and will be a source of income for our vocational school reducing its running deficit.
The Rotary club in Wasserburg is also making all the necessary preparations to invite the Program Coordinator of our vocational school, Mr. Nasr Debs to Germany for training on the CNC machine next September.
In addition to all that they are planning to bring experts from Germany to our school after the arrival of the CNC machine to train our staff on the ground. They also arranged for the backup support from Germany that is necessary for introducing such a highly sophisticated machine to our staff.
We are extremely grateful to the Rotary Foundation that has been a long term supporter of JLSS, and to Mr. Peter Rink, Mr. Manfred Bonetsm├╝ller, Mr. Tony Asfour, the Rotary Club in Wasserburg am Inn - Germany, and the Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary Club - Lebanon for this wonderful achievement.
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