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Zahle Evangelical School Responds to Vocational School Outreach

Trainers of our vocational department visited schools in our region to inform students about vocational training options available in JLSS. Although some schools refused to allow our trainers to visit them and talk to their students, others were very welcoming. The Evangelical School in Zahle went beyond welcoming our trainers and organized a one-day visit for 170 of its students to our vocational department. Students went from one workshop to the other meeting our students and trainers, and learning from them about the options of vocational training that are open to them. It was wonderful to have so many young people in our vocational department, and our trainers did a wonderful job informing them about the importance and value of vocational skills.
This is a small step towards changing the local perceptions about vocational training and to reachout to young people in our region.
We sincerely thank the director, teachers, and students of the Evangelical School in Zahle for this wonderful visit, and above all for their wisdom in valuing vocational training as an option for young people.
Lebanon badly needs qualified people in vocational skills, and young people are intelligent enough to realize that they are more like to find jobs and stay in Lebanon if they acquire high quality vocational Training.
We also want to thank our trainers for this new effort in reaching out to young people. Although some schools closed their doors before them, we are very glad that others welcomed them. This will definitely encourage them to continue to do their wonderful work, and also to be very proud of it.
Thank you very much Zahle Evangelical School. You are lucky to have wise leadership that has vision for a good future for its students and our beloved Lebanon.

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