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Friends and Supporters from Dettenhausen Visit JLSS

Friends and supporters of Schneller schools from Dettenhausen - Germany visited JLSS on Tuesday 26 May 2009. They were lead by Rev. Stefan Dipper and accompanied byFriends and Supporters from Dettenhausen Visit JLSS JLSS alumnus Mr. Bassam Salhab.
They were touring Lebanon, and as they described it, the climax of their trip was the visit to our school. They went around JLSS kindly guided by the head of our boarding department Mr. Martin Bernhard. They visited the academic school, the vocational school, our workshops, the various departments, and finally St. Michael's church.
They later had a meeting with the director who thanked them for their support of Schneller schools in Germany and their kind visit. He also briefed them on the current challenges and how JLSS is providing a very unique ministry and service to the local community in Lebanon.
The group presented the director with a kind donation of 200 € from the Evangelical Church in Dettenhausen, and some members of the group made individual donations for the amounts of 250 € and 200.000 LBP. Friends and Supporters from Dettenhausen Visit JLSSWe express our most sincere gratitude to all the members of the group for their very kind visit and generous donations. We especially thank them for being such good friends and supporters of our school in Germany. We thank Rev. Stefan Dipper and the Evangelical Church in Dettenhausen for their kind donation. We also thank alumnus Bassam Salhab for accompanying the group and for his love and loyalty to Schneller School.
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