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Great News from the Lutheran Board of Mission USA

Rev. Carl Shankweiler, dear friend of JLSS and former teacher, who is the Treasurer of the Lutheran Board for Mission in the USA, informed us of the decision of LBM to transfer a wonderful grant of US$ 56,100.00 to JLSS. The grant was received early March 2011. It is earmarked for the following purpose: $15,000.00 for new computers, $11,000.00 for the science lab, $30,000.00 for general expenses, and $100.00 for the Al Roberts Award 2010/2011. This is delightful news and it fulfills the long awaited promise which we received earlier in 2009 but with bigger amounts that suit our need. Our school will soon be equipped with an excellent science lab and an up-to-date computer class that will enable us to use the latest software which we own but could not install due to the low specifications of our old computer systems. When we requested help from LBM, our computer class had fifteen computers which were enough at that time; but now we need at least twenty five computers to suit the current number of students per class. We hope LBM and our Board of Trustees will approve the recommendation of the administration to use an additional amount of US$ 10,000.00 from the general expenses grant, in order to have the adequate computer class we badly need.
We express our most sincere gratitude to the Lutheran Board of Mission USA, Rev. Carl Shankweiler, and all the Schneller alumni on the LBM board for this wonderful grant. We also look forward to developing our partnership with LBM which is now a major supporter of our school.
We praise God for this wonderful development in our school, and we promise to update this page with the relevant pictures upon the implementation of the projects.
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